ADOPNATION – en dokumentar

ADOPNATION – Documentary Feature (trailer)

copyright Jette Hye Jin Mortensen

In this documentary, identification, minority strategies and nationality is
investigated through the global community of korean adoptees.
In the search of this community, the narrator takes us through a vivid kaleidoscope
of inhabitants in a «nation» in its very beginning, a gathering of people without a
common language, culture or even a country. Only the experience of being adopted
brings them together, but the experiences, approaches and views are plenty, and
even contradicting at times.
What is the collectivity that makes ground for a nation on its own?
Can a person truly be re-programmed to another culture, what are the costs?

Director: Jette Hye Jin Mortensen
Producer: BeoFilm
Editor: Kenneth Laugaard Andersen
Graphics: Anders Anton Hornstrup
Consultant: Max Kestner
Duration: 70 minutes
Format: 16:9 HD video

Supported by The Danish Filminstitute – DOX Connected
Jury: Max Kestner, Lotte Lindegaard. (kilde:


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